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Songr is a simple, small utility that allows you to search for songs and download them directly to your computer. It uses 16 music search engines, and with a unique voting system that allows listeners to share music with friends and find new artists, it has some serious potential as a legal, free music utility.

The program launches with a simple directory-like interface that allows you to enter a song or artist name into a search bar. If you don't know either, you can also search for lyrics. Within a few seconds, Songr returns a list of links from Amazon, eMusic, Rhapsody and a dozen or so other services. The program also allows you to play music directly from YouTube, and a recently added feature also allows you to download YouTube videos directly.

One of the problems with Songr is that users can easily exploit it to download music and music videos illegally with the aforementioned YouTube video downloading feature. Of course, there are hundreds of programs that offer this same ability, and Songr's creators seem genuinely interested in promoting legal purchases. The program has a "Buy Music" bar that makes it easy to legally pay for the music you want, so if you're anti-piracy, there's still plenty to love about this utility. At 4.3 megabytes, it's also a very light program that shouldn't take up too many of your system resources while it runs.

Songr has a certain lack of polish, but its creators will likely add a lot of features over the next several months. If the program allowed users to organize their downloads, it would certainly be easier to use. Still, if you love music and you need a simple way to find songs from your favorite artists, Songr is a decent tool with some serious long-term potential.

Finding music you like is easier than ever with Songr, a free music player that integrates streaming audio from a variety of music services, including Grooveshark, Prostopleer, MusicSearch, YouTube, and your own music library. This cloud based service by Xamasoft has full album search functionality, is available in a variety of languages, boasts intelligent sorting with high quality mp3 files display at the top, has an integrated search function allowing you to find the name of the song with a few words from the lyrics, and allows you to buy music directly from Amazon and Rhapsody. Songr is available as a free download for Windows.


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